Our business policy is to produce high quality food in an economically and environmentally sound manner.

Environmental Policy

Gränsbo Potatis have adopted the following environmental policy:

We are working to reduce environmental impact by:

  • Our production method is characterized by an environmental conscience.
  • Aim for as high yield from raw material to finished product as possible.
  • Minimize the consumption of environmentally damaging inputs.
  • Be aware of danger at all environmentally damaging elements in our production, and that existing laws are followed.
  • Involve and train all employees to minimize our environmental impact.
  • Working with continuous improvements and maintain the sustainable development of our environmental approach.

Quality Policy

At Gränsbo Potatis we always work to maintain high and consistent quality of our products, and to maintain a high level of service. Satisfied customers are always our main objective.

All staff must actively work to uphold our quality policy and develop our quality system.